How can Jolt work for you?

Healthcare IT

We offer IT consulting to Healthcare organizations. Our goal is to ensure the organization is secure and running efficiently. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Security and compliance consulting
  • IS operations management
  • Software Support
  • System architecture analysis
  • Vendor support management
  • Interface management (machine, client, internal)


We can help turn time consuming and expensive manual tasks into behind the scenes rapid automation. Jolt will dive deep into current workflows, available technologies and push the limits of scripting to help your business maximize on productivity. A little automation can go a long way in saving on labor costs with possibilities in reducing errors and increasing throughput.

Software Development

We offer custom software development services to proivde your business with a custom solution. We specialize in Healthcare related apps but we can put code to work in any field. We solve problems with software. For example a small custom application could bridge gaps is worflow, connectivity of systems and accessibility of information.